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Lights out, what will we do?



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And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. Romans 12:2 (KJV)

This is a series in the book of Romans, for the home page in our study and to see other studies then please click here or our main epistle page is here. My aim is to go through the Book of Romans as the LORD wills.

This morning we had a power outage at my house, it was not at a critical time (was between about 5-7am) but with my family living in a Central California heat wave (basically anything up to about 108-110F) it can get pretty scary if your power is out and there is no cold air circulating in your house. (I would not do well being Amish

Things I did well

As I checked the breaker outside using my dying cell phone (guess who forgot to charge his phone last night – Parable of the foolish virgins all over again huh?) I decided to pray, nothing deep or theological, nothing that Luther, Calvin, Schofield or Spurgeon would sign off on.

My prayer was simple “LORD this is such a small thing for you, but a huge thing for us, we just bought a lot of food and my wife and child will be super hot today, please LORD get us through this”

We also opened the door and tried to circulate air as much as we could through the house, my wife was the one who noticed it, she wakes up at the drop of a hat, whereas I could sleep through the outbreak of war.

Things I didn’t do so well

I did what I am prone to do, I worried, I worried about the groceries I had just bought, I worried about the snacks for my kids soccer game, I worried about maybe having to find other places to store my stuff that had to be chilled or frozen.

The point of prayer

Which does bring me to my point, when we pray, we should not do so out of habit, but as a genuine request for help, now it may be small insignificant stuff like me having no power, it may be the risk of losing your home, it maybe to put food on your table. But we have to do so in FAITH.

God is not some big “wish and it will all come true Genie” waiting to grant us all Ferraris, big houses with Olympic size swimming pools and millions of dollars in the bank, the Christian life is tough, we are not exempt from day to day struggles, we still struggle with old sins, we still have money issues, we still make bad choices.

We have to approach prayer as if “God has got this” not just saying the words but actually and genuinely believing that God can rescue you or not (sometimes the trials are actually a lesson and we as Christians do not want to learn some of Gods harder lessons)

Steven Furtick in his book “Sun stand still” called this “audacious faith” and whilst I don’t subscribe to all of the tenants in his book, this is really what’s required. We need to stop limiting God to our understanding of what he can do.

God is the God who created everything we see around us in 6 days. If it is his will he could wipe out all of your little issues in the time it takes you to sneeze. The problem is that we fall foul of the original verse and are so consumed in our lives down here; we do not seek the will of God fully in our lives. Our prayer life becomes about God playing the “Genie role”

I have committed recently to pray for others more, to listen more and to cry out more. I could do with some honest to goodness fasting time also, Also this week my family has committed to worshipping more together and we plan to hold a worship and prayer evening every Sunday evening in our home, for no other reason than another opportunity to worship, praise God and pray, listen and spend quality time with him.

I pray this blog was a blessing and please leave any comments below


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