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The only way is KJV


The only way is KJV

1st Timothy 1:3 (ESV) As I urged you when I was going to Macedonia, remain at Ephesus so that you may charge certain persons not to teach any different doctrine, 4 nor to devote themselves to myths and endless genealogies, which promote speculations rather than the stewardship from God that is by faith.

I love this…

I am sure you get sick of reading the words “I love this part of scripture” & must wonder if I do really love all I write about. The honest answer is for the most part I do. I am not a fan of the confrontation that Christian blogs attract. (Regrettably often times it is friendly fire from those within our own camp)

I speak of such things as I am reminded of a post I did on this blog that was repeated from an earlier blog that I had done. I had written a post that was on,  what I thought to be,  a non-inflammatory topic that was called “Which version of the Bible was the best?”

Ding, ding, offended bus stops here

I had no idea the views that this post would generate! The link was shared by those already aboard the offended bus (some had yearly passes)

Let me let my bias out here from the beginning,  I love the KJV, of course I do, it was dedicated to a Scotsman! But in my formative years I only knew of the King James version. It is what I grew up reading and I only ever found out there was a “different bible” around the age of 14 when a friend of mine gave me a NIV for Christmas. 

Treating the Word of God with due respect

I love the Word of God,  however,  we as humans turn things that are meant to point us to God and make them gods themselves.

I believe in giving the bible the due respect it deserves, that the words that quite literally jump of the page are life changing and have the ability to transform lives, however it is not a god. 

Why KJV?

The current version of the King James bible I have was given to me by a friend, he was investigating Messianic Judaism at the time and was very vociferous about the only translation worth trusting was the KJV.  I have issue with this because personally it causes division.

The KJV is a translation of the bible, nothing more, nothing less, for me the words are as God inspired as the ESV, NASB, NKJV,  Geneva or any other translation.

I say this because of one of the main points of discussion with the “King James only” is that due to the age and the fact it was translated from another language so long ago that makes it correct.

Flawed logic

Where we are going wrong is to apply man’s logic to the Words of God,  which transcend time, language and translations.

If we are using the KJV is right because of the translation,  then why do we not learn German to read Luthers translation  or learn Latin to read earlier translations or to take it to an unhealthy level learn Hebrew/Greek and Aramaic to avoid the use of translation? 

Or do we allow God to show us through the words on the page? Do we have faith that God inspired the words on the page and meant for them to be read?

Endless genealogies

I find looking at bible history interesting,  however I would not use it as my first port of call for witnessing to a new believer,  perhaps as an apologetic tool for a skeptic, but I do wonder how effective it is in reaching new believers.

Like many arguments that I hear us as Christians get into, I do wonder what fruit it will have for the kingdom of God?

Life changing power

Can only be found in the Word of God. It gives insight to the heart if God. If we truly wish to serve God and be a true disciple of Jesus Christ then we need to read whatever version that is in front of us.

To state that one version is more holy or better than another in my view demean and attacks the bible. The words that are different, unless they change the meaning, really is a null argument.

As Christians we are our own worst enemies at attacking the very things that can help others due to “personal preference”.

If a new believer understands the NIV better than the KJV and is growing daily in a relationship with Christ, that to me is what matters. They then grow and want to start discipling others.

Because that is what really matters

God bless and I pray that this was a blessing,  please prayerfully consider sharing, liking or commenting on the article.


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