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TTE New Year message 2015


Thank you for reading the TTE New year message for the year of our LORD 2015. I love New Year and the optimism that it brings. The idea of a fresh start and setting resolutions to help make life better for the individual concerned.

The first year of TTE (February 2014-January 2015)

The blog, as most of you will be aware began in February 2014 as a journey that I wished to do through the epistles (hence the name “Taking the Epistle”) but it hasn’t always worked out like that. I love how God directs our steps and I am excited for the New Year and excited for what is in store and what God puts on my heart to share through this small outpouring of his word.

The heart behind TTE

I have a great love for people and a great heart for sharing from God’s word. It is a little difficult for me being in a country that is not my own and really having to watch my speech in order that I be understood. (Born in Scotland but now live in California, USA) I also am not all that keen to seek the pleasures or adulation of men.


I don’t do them personally, perhaps I should but if I had a wish list it would be the following:

  1. Love my family more
  2. Lead more people to Christ
  3. Lose some weight (lets be real here)
  4. Better devotion time with the wife
  5. Teach more bible studies

That would be my wish list, all admirable things I guess but I really feel that family is super important, so important that it is mentioned in the qualifications for a leader in the church (husband of one wife, master of his home) but even in the run of the mill Christian home I feel that we are losing a little of where we should be in the family life.

The biggest issue for me (removing the proverbial “elephant in the room”) is personal selfishness; don’t get me wrong I understand that life gets in the way of good intentions and we all feel the need to be entitled, however we are substituting our lack of personal contentment as a right to claim selfishness as an excuse for abandoning our own personal responsibilities.

I will put it in perspective for you, your hobbies, your games, your movies, your books whatever you do to tune out is temporary. (I don’t even have the same cell phone that I started the year with last year!) This idea of ‘Me time” is good for both personal health and for mental health purposes but like any liberty that we have, we can abuse it for personal reasons.

Everything that I have mentioned that is temporary should have lesser value than the family relationships. With family you only get one shot and the stakes are usually much higher. Your kid will only graduate once, score his /her first soccer goals once, lose first tooth once, the list goes on. The point I am driving at is that we are missing precious seconds with these folks that we could be using to build relationships.

All of this is much more important than up a level in Candy Crush or propelling an Angry Bird (I play games on my phone usually) or however you waste your down time.

More jovial things

This is all very well and I feel that God has put this on my heart so I had to share. When I share, I share based on areas the LORD has shown me that I can grow, learn and work on to be a better husband and father. The reason I mention them is to perhaps spark a question in your mind as to whether you may have an issue in this area.

Over the last year I have really enjoyed blogging again for the first time in a good long while, I have completed over 100 blog articles and there is some 40 pages on the website also. This is set up to be used by you the user and I would like your input and I would love to know if there is anything you would like to see on the blog? Let me know below if there is.

What I have done in 2014

I have had a good year, the ninth year in my marriage to Chelsea, her blog is growing nicely too, the princess is growing up fast (see previous paragraph about the importance of witnessing that) living every day realizing that I am not as good as I thought I was, but through grace I am saved, having accepted the gift of God.

I have had good times such as visiting with my old Pastor from Glasgow in the San Diego area, zoo trips and other times with my family that I wouldn’t swap for all the riches in the world. I have had some sweet times of prayer both individually and corporately and found some friends that are adhesive. This is an area I have prayed for, for a number of years to have good solid Christian men to bounce ideas off and who will always be glad to hear from me.

As for my wife, she is a true blessing. Really I am convinced that God sent me this woman as she really is way too good for me, I am well aware that I married up. In addition to blessing me on a daily basis, she is also a great mother. I am truly a blessed man. Today I plan to eat soup (family tradition) with my wife’s family, all in all a good day.

Closing benedictions

My prayer for you in this year is a closer relationship with Jesus and your creator God. If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your savior then I pray that you do, if you are stuck in a rut and your Christian relationship has broken down, then I suggest that you meet with some elder believers and get back in communion, be counselled and “get back on the horse” and if you have “all the boxes ticked” please help someone who isn’t.

We could all do with being closer to God, whether you need to study more, pray more, worship more or whatever is lacking, I will pray for you and please let us know so we can pray for you.

We all have problems but I have cast my faith on the anchor that stills my soul. Whatever our problems whether it be grief, money, illness there is no greater comfort than casting your burdens upon him because I know that he does care for us.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and I pray most of all for spiritual wealth.

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