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05 – Jesus completes his mission


05 – Jesus completes his mission

This is a series on the gospel of Jesus Christ and the faith that I have that Jesus Christ is my Saviour, please check out the main “gospel” section here. These pages are meant as a basic introduction to the Christian faith.

Why did he come?

In part one we saw the perfect world that God created, in part two we saw the fall of man and the separation of God and man. In part three we saw that God allows man to atone for sin, but that solution was only temporary. God planned to reconcile man to God by sending the ultimate sacrifice, Jesus Christ. In part four we saw that God send his son to be the atonement for mans sin.

After the fall, God and man were separated by a barrier called sin (Genesis 3) God provided a sacrificial system that would allow man and God to be restored on a temporary basis and allow those who wished to follow God an opportunity to absolve the sins that had been committed and come before God in a repentant state.

Repentance should be a state that we are in constantly with God and not just an infrequent visitor. The Christian life is not a “say yes to God, get a free pass to heaven and then live ow we want to”. It is a life of sacrifice and obedience.

All throughout the Old Testament we read of God meeting man some of the way and in a desire that none should perish, set out sacrificial laws and give the promise of a Messiah who would come to deliver them from their sins.

Jesus was that Messiah

As the sub-header states, Jesus came down to be with his people for 3 years as a full time missionary, to show them God in the flesh and fulfill the prophecy of “Meschiah Ben Yosef” (The suffering servant) as opposed to the “Meschiah Ben David” (The liberating all conquering Messiah)

Jesus reserved his harshest criticism for the Holy people of the day, the legalistic Pharisee people that despite professing him with their mouths and creating sub rules to glorify themselves in a self deity type “worship God but also me too”.

Peoples misconception of a Messiah

The prophesies which concern themselves with a Messiah talk about the Messiah that will come to judge and free the people and the suffering servant Messiah. Jesus fulfills both of these roles. During his first coming where he came and died on a cross outside a city wall in modern day Jerusalem. He was the ultimate sacrifice.

He also was the only one who could atone for the sins of the world as he was both God and man. He also, by the power of God was the only one that after 3 days could rise from the dead. This is the true victory that we celebrate in the feast of Easter.

Biblical Evidence

I would encourage you to read through the gospel of John and first chapter of the book of Acts at the following verses. Then you will know that I am not just some religious radical giving an opinion. Please research the original texts. (I have hyperlinked the verses in case you do not have a bible to a respected Bible site called “Blue Letter Bible”)

Jesus Betrayed/Faces Jewish accusers and Pilate (John 18)
Jesus delivered to be crucified/Crucifixion & Death of Christ (John 19)
Jesus resurrection/Appears to Mary Magdalene & disciples (John 20)
Jesus appears to seven/Jesus and Peter/Jesus and the Beloved disciple (John 21)
Jesus rises into heaven (The Ascension) Acts 1

Jesus came to die for our sins, God gave up his beloved son in the same manner that Abraham was willing to give up his beloved son Isaac in the book of Genesis.

Matrix time – Red pill or blue pill

This allows you to make the choice of your heavenly destination. Christianity is unlike any other religion in that you are in a daily relationship with the one who saved you. Other religions would have you complete empty rituals and rules and regulations so you can appease that God and not have that God’s wrath upon you.

In Christianity you have the same choice that Adam and Eve had in the garden of Eden. You can choose to follow God’s plan and accept the free gift that is eternal life or you can reject it and suffer the consequences.

It reminds me of the movie “The Matrix” when the main character is given a choice that will affect how he sees the world around him or he can choose the other choice. Much like that it is a choice that you make. I am not here to scare you, just simply present the gospel and the truth using the words that God has given me.

God bless and I pray this was a blessing and please feel free to like, share or comment on here or whatever social media platforms you use as the Lord leads you to, as always I love questions about this or any other article so please feel free to fill in the form below, all comments are moderated to avoid profanity.

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