Taking the Epistle

A biblical journey through the epistles


Hello and welcome to our resources page which looks at links that William has collected over the years and are here for various reasons. I make no apologies for my positions on biblical context in that I am a Young Earth Creationist and I believe in a Pre-Tribulation viewpoint of the end of the world so some of these blogs will follow these viewpoints, others are just general Christian or Messianic Jewish websites and resources. so please enjoy these links that the author William has compiled

Always Be Ready (apologetics)
Answers in Genesis
Bible Explorer
Bible Gateway
Blue Letter Bible
Blue Letter Bible Institute
Christian Book Distributors
Christian Cinema.com
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Compassion International
Creation today – Creation Science Evangelism
Ex-Mormons for Jesus
Focus on the Family
God Tube
Gospel for Asia
Hope for Today (David Hocking)
ICR – Institute for Creation Research
Israel Today
Jews for Jesus
Josh McDowell Ministry
Know The Truth (Philip De Courcy)
KRDU 1130 AM Christian Talk Radio (Fresno/Visalia)
Porterville Pregnancy Resource Center
Pure Flix Christian Streaming
Reasons for Hope
Spirit 88.9/100.1 Radio, Visalia, Bakersfield
Voice of the Martyrs

***Please note that TTE does not have any control and may not endorse all of the content of these external websites.

I have elected to keep the TTE links on all pages but I am sure you will agree this does tidy up the website greatly. Should you wish to submit your link for approval then please comment either here or on the relevant page and once moderated the link will be added. TTE does reserve the rights to not link based on various criteria.

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