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20 – John (3rd)


3rd John

Welcome to John’s 3rd Epistle, as is with the other two epistles it was written by John the Evangelist. John again starts and calls himself the Elder (as in previous letters) would probably have been the case due to the extreme persecution at the time of the letter being written.

John writes this letter in response to reports that he had from some believers that had been in the area that he was writing to. He was happy with the way these strangers had been taken care of and wanted to shine light on the beautiful hospitality that they received.

He also writes of Diotrephes, a man who is not full of the characteristics that have been mentioned above, refused apostolic authority and using his tongue to cause discord rather than build up the body of Christ.

He gives good mention to Demetrius, who is a man of good repute and of good testimony, it is very John that he finishes his letter mentioning this and ending the letter on a good note. Despite the shortness of the letter, there are many theological and biblical jewels to be found.

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