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A biblical journey through the epistles

15 – James



Welcome to our page on the epistle of James where we look at the letter written by James the brother of John and half-brother of Jesus, The book of James is one of my personal favorites and has ministered to me, blessed me and challenged me on a personal level since the first time I read these five short powerful chapters.

James writes a letter for all Christians (written to the 12 tribes scattered abroad) and the truths that he writes at that time are as relevant today as they were when the ink was wet the first time. James gives allusions to the teachings of Christ but also gives many powerful teachings to show that not only did he know the doctrine he was writing about he was immersed and believed in what he wrote. (Bondservant of Christ Jesus)

James is listed as an important man in the early church in Jerusalem, he is a humble man (calling himself the brother of John as opposed to the half-brother of Jesus) who as listed below covered many topics that we still use today as reference in personal behaviors, church governance, church conduct and general doctrine, for me it is one of the more important epistles based on doctrine it touches on.

James teaches heavily on the doctrines of justification and salvation and is quoted often when people draw comparisons between salvation by faith and salvation by works. My personal opinion is that if you have faith and it is a living faith then works will be fruit of that faith, the works themselves do not save you but merely give testimony that you believe what you say you believe.

If you take it in the context the passage is written and take it in the whole counsel of scripture you will see that James is written much like the Pauline epistles are and that is to correct a doctrine that was either in error or was being abused, Paul may have been correcting one error while James may have been correcting another and even today we see people taking liberty with or using scripture as a limiter in their conduct with others.

Divisions of James

The epistle is divided into many parts and we will examine these (LORD willing) when we do the verse by verse study, these many divisions are as follows…

Salutation (1:1)
Faith and Wisdom (1:2–8)
Poverty and Riches (1:9-11)
Trial and Temptation (1:12–18)
Hearing and Doing the Word (1:19–27)
Warning against Partiality (2:1–13)
Faith and Works (2:14–26)
The Tongue (3:1–12)
The Wisdom from Above (3:13–18)
Friendship with the World (4:1–10)
Judging a Brother (4:11–12)
Warning against Boasting (4:13–17)
Warning to the Rich (5:1–6)
Patience and Prayer (5:7–20)

Bible studies

Line by line studies


Topical studies

Thanksgiving week – day three – my faith in Jesus – James 1:2 – November 26th 2014
Are you driven and tossed by the wind? – James 1:5-6 – February 28th 2014
Do we stop at just widows and orphans? – James 1:27 – May 28th 2015
33 cities restrict or ban feeding the homeless – James 2:16 – June 5th 2014
The autumn rain and the spring rain – James 5:7-11 – July 31st 2014

I hope that this is a blessing and I pray that you get something from these bible studies.

God bless and I pray this was a blessing and please feel free to like, share or comment on here or whatever social media platforms you use as the Lord leads you to, as always I love questions about this or any other article so please feel free to fill in the form below, all comments are moderated to avoid profanity.

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