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God’s Not Dead – Movie review


DISCLAIMER:- This review contains some plot descriptions,  so please exercise some caution as there are some spoilers.


I have to admit before I begin that I love the work of David AR White and Pure Flix having seen a few of his productions on the Netflix platform, so before I even watched this movie I had ha light hopes and a decent expectation of what I was going to see.

So last night (Sunday 10th August 2014) I ordered it from my local redbox (I so wanted to see it in the cinema but I was not able to) and we had a family movie night at home.

Main plot

The main plot follows a freshman university student (Shane Harper – Josh Wheaton) who enrolls in a philosophy class in order to accumulate credits for his law degree, he is warned that the lecturer that he has chosen would give him problems because of his Christian beliefs, he still enrolls.

In the first class the lecturer tells them that 30% of the or final grade rests on them completing a paper that states “God is dead”, this is complied by the wh ok let class apart from Josh, the lecturer sets him a challenge to prove Gods existence in 3 20 minute segments, he will be then graded by the rest of the class.

Sub plots

There are many sub plots in this movie and it is awesome to see how it all fits together into a cohesive story, here is a few.

The missionary pastor and Rev Dave: (played by David AR White and Benjamin Ochieng) keep popping up as somewhat central characters different pastoral roles and an ill fated, often delayed trip to Disney land.

The professor and his girlfriend (played by Kevin Sorbo and Cory Oliver) the professor hates God and his girlfriend is an ex student and is a Christian. Gives a good insight into the back story of the professor.

Josh and his girlfriend – gives a good insight into other personal relationships that Josh has.

The spiritual journey of Martin Yip, gives a good example of someone who was genuinely searching for someone more.

Ayisha the Muslim convert – gives another dimension into the bravery of some folks to come to faith in Jesus Christ from a strict Muslim background.

Amy Ryan/Mark Shelley – Amy is a humanistic, anti-Christian blogger who wishes to bring down everyone who is a Christian, she gets diagnosed with cancer and starts to evaluate what is important. Mark is a guy who is very self centered, dumps Amy when she finds out she has cancer and appears in different parts of the movie.

My thoughts on the movie

I thought it was a well made, well thought out movie. There was plenty for the Christian to enjoy but enough to challenge a non Christian to question the way they have viewed Christians in acedemia.

With appearances on screen by Dean Cain, David AR White, Willie Robertson and Korie Robertson from Duck Dynasty, Christian band The Newsboys and Kevin Sorbo it was a great cast and good storyline.


In the credits it states all of the lawsuits that gave inspiration to this movie, it lists several lawsuits where students have been bullied or marginalized due to their belief in Jesus Christ.

Would I recommend it?

I would! I am saddened when I look at the movie reviews on sites such as IMDB and see so many folks having negative reviews due to the faith content.

God bless you and I pray that this article is a blessing and I pray that you will prayerfully consider liking, sharing or commenting on this article