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The LORD’s prayer – Part 2 – Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven


The LORD’s prayer – Part 2 – Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven

Matthew 6:10 (KJV) Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

Jesus continues in his prayer, well I have always found it funny that we refer to it as the LORDs Prayer as it was a guideline in how WE should pray, it is OUR prayer too! After defending the name of God, giving the standard in which we should keep in honoring and keeping the name holy Jesus then goes on to talk about the heart behind the prayer.

We can say these words in a mutter like, mumbling through fashion as I have many times and that it how I learned this prayer, but the point of these articles are to look at what it all actually means. We can say “thy kingdom come” until we are blue in the face but if your hearts don’t match the words then we have a problem. When you pray are you really asking for “Thy will be done?” and do you understand the level of surrender that would take to go all in?

When we read the epistles we see often people who got this down, Paul, James, John, Jude & Peter all got this down by addressing or calling themselves either “servants” or “bondservants” of Jesus Christ in Epistles that are authored in their name. Are you getting where I am coming from now? By stating in prayer that you want the will of God to supersede and come first in your life goes against all form of human nature. Humans by default are more “My will be done” creatures and this will not come naturally. It is not in most people’s nature to serve first; if it is then I applaud you and wish I was more like you in that respect. I am a selfish person by nature and I do get aggrieved if I don’t get what I feel I deserve, so saying “thy will be done” the aspect of total surrender to a will that is not my own and a direction that in all actuality I may not like is something that I know I have to do but I do not find it easy all of the time.

We know it is God’s kingdom; we are reminded of this at the start of the verse, when we do God’s will we should be looking to build up God’s kingdom and not ours. I think I have spoken prior about how I baulk at lots of kudos and praise from the front of buildings and I am not keen to have folks look up to me as someone who should know things. Why I teach a bible study I have no idea, the studies come from the Spirit and are very little to do with me, whatever God does in this mission field will be in spite of be and not because of me.

We can’t plan out God’s kingdom, I know I have been guilty of this when I was a more immature Christian and this is exactly why God would only give me one piece of a puzzle at a time, I would be moving everything I could in order to do God’s work for him and often times that would not be in the timing that God wants. I am a knucklehead and despite the fact that I mean well, I would mess up if it was all up to me. All we are called to be is obedient and be ready to be used by God.

Whilst it is his kingdom we have to realize that is true both “in earth as it is in heaven” that the will of God will be done in both places and the ownership of that kingdom is uniquely God’s. Let’s look at heaven, is there any sin? Is there any rebellion against God? Are there anyone standing against God in heaven? Of course not! We as Christians should be praying without ceasing for his will to be carried out not just in heaven, but down here on earth. There is still work to be done down here and the very person who is reading it might just be the tool used by God to accomplish the next task for him.

Are you ready to request that his will be done both in heaven and on earth? Are you willing to go mind, body and soul into doing whatever God tells you to do to fulfill his will, his glory and his honor in your neighborhood? You won’t have to go as extreme as Jesus did when he fully submitted to the fathers will by becoming the sacrifice for our sins of a wooden cross on that dark hill at Calvary. Jesus is stating what he is stating knowing that he will do that for you, he did it for you whether you accept it or not, he rose again and conquered death on that third day to fulfil prophecy, show he was who he said he was and also meet with his disciples prior to ascending into heaven. Jesus is willing to put that into action, as one of his followers are you?

Just as I could easily do a household chore without the help of my daughter, I know that when she asks “if she can help daddy?” Then I beam with delight and take her up on her offer of help. Our prayers to God are the same way, God can accomplish his will without our participation or prayer, however we get to pray and we are allowed to partake in the glory of God. Remember he is “Our father” and like any loving father he loves it when his children make contact with him.

When was the last time you contacted him and gave him your all?

I pray that this article has been educational, challenging, convicting and exhorting, I pray that you received it well and please feel free to like, share and comment on whatever social media you wish as the LORD leads you too.