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#giveelsaagirlfriend should Christians just “let it go?”

#giveelsaagirlfriend should Christians just “let it go?”


DISCLAIMER:- The above hashtag is trending on a number of social media sites and to be honest and let me lay this out and plain straight off, if you are looking for an angry Christian post about how the LGBT minority is ruining this awesome Godly country we have by infiltrating organizations like Navy Seals or some deluded rant about how this will ruin the world then this may not be the article for you, I would encourage you read on though and if you want to trash the article, share it with your friends or even mock the author then that is okay. Everyone has their right to reply and this is my wee spot on the net and I will write on what I am moved to and please note that I write as me, not as a leader of any group or any associations that I am affiliated to, I write as a conservative Christian married guy who writes as someone who is concerned, for the country I now live in and concerned as a parent.

What is all this about?

In case you don’t know there has been a campaign by a LGBT group that started a trending hashtag which was #giveelsaagirlfriend (Give Elsa a girlfriend) which proposed the notion of having the Queen of Arrendale (Elsa) from the hit movie Frozen have a girlfriend as they desired to have a LGBT character, they chose Elsa because at the end of the original movie it was assumed that Kristof would pair off with the younger sister Anna. (Later children’s books allude to them loving one another)

Is this another homophobic post?

Not in the slightest! Just like my messiah Jesus I have enough love in my heart for all people, am I concerned with individual sin? Absolutely! But I am as concerned with the sins of a homosexual as I am with a heterosexual who lives in sin or someone who has addictions to alcohol, drugs or say pornography; sin is sin and as Paul writes in Romans 3:23…

Romans 3:23 (ESV) for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,

We are all sinners and Christians need to remember the difference between us and the people who still live according to the worlds desires is that we have begged forgiveness from our messiah, turned from those sins and are living a transformed life and been granted absolution and like it or not it is all about Jesus.

If Jesus was to encounter a homosexual, I would believe he would love on them and tell them that their sins (plural and not just the carnal ones that others would focus on) need forgiveness and tell them about the redemption that is found in him. We as his followers should do likewise; by all means stand up for your beliefs but there is such a thing as saying the right thing but not saying it correctly. (Or saying it in a manner that would turn people away from Jesus, not because of the truth but the way that you as a Christian presented it!)

Let me put it simply and plainly Jesus wants ALL sinners who are still in their sins to come home to him! The category of the sin is irrelevant.

Are Disney going to give Elsa a girlfriend?

Honestly, I have no idea but please bear in mind that Disney are in the business of children’s entertainment and have always moved with the times because if you look at the older cartoons you will see the characters smoking and in some movies we see alcohol. These are in some movies that we call classics.

I would hope that common sense prevails but in this world we see very little of that, Disney will make the decision that makes the most corporate sense for them as a company and I don’t expect much from them to be honest, they have never alluded to being a faith based organization and when I have bought tickets for Disneyland, bought a Disney CD/DVD/VHS or toy that features a Disney brand I never thought for one minute I was giving to a Christian organization.

But please note this Disney, this is a very risky and calculated move you must make here because already we have Christians that did not allow their children to see the original Frozen film for various reasons, some of which I saw their point and some I did not. I am not here to debate that but Christian parents are some of the most protective breed and do spend a large disposable income at your theme parks, on your merchandise and generally on your products. It does not make financial sense to exclude that market from your products. You are in the children’s entertainment business and I do not think your customers would feel this was suitable entertainment for a children’s movie.

You may think the last paragraph was threatening but it is not. It is what it is and I know as a father I am responsible for what my kid sees and does not see on the television and I would not be comfortable with that in a show that was meant to be for a “Universal” audience.

This did not come from Disney!

I do find it borderline amusing however that if Disney were ever to do a focus group on whether parents would accept this, there is no need now because someone just did a whole lot of research for them and did it free of charge! Disney don’t appear to be commenting a great deal on this and appear to only be benefitting from the free publicity and hype that is generating regarding this controversy.

They could not have bought this type of exposure in advertising. Do I smell a rat? Possibly but it certainly gives an answer to a previously unanswered question.

What’s your angle on this?

As stated above I am a concerned parent of a six year old who loves the Frozen franchise and generally loves Disney, she has been to Disneyland once in her life and she loved every second of it and many happy memories were made there. Best of all she got to share that with both set of grandparents so memories were made across three generations.

If they do what does it mean to Tigh Na Mac Gafraidh?

Basically at the moment I have very little beefs with Disney, I do not have cable or satellite TV so there is no threat of cancellation of ancillary products, I have Netflix but really that will have minimal impact to Disney. I am not really a fan of boycotting because it sends off the wrong message however I would not be watching this movie should Disney take this campaign seriously and make this a part of the storyline. I do however think that it will not happen and it will be much ado about nothing. We have to get off the crazy bus and realize that until Disney confirm this would be actually the case, then there is nothing much to whine, gripe or complain about and if you do then please let Disney know directly.

God bless and I pray this was a blessing and please feel free to like, share or comment on here or whatever social media platforms you use as the Lord leads you to, as always I love questions about this or any other article so please feel free to fill in the form below, all comments are moderated to avoid profanity.