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I wanna live with abandon

I wanna live with abandon


Who do you respect? Is it the man with qualifications coming out of his ears? Is it the man who has been through seminary? Is it the man who has been in ministry for xx years? Is it the man who has the winning smile and the easy to listen to ministry? Is it the man who is that sold out for Jesus that he is changing people’s lives in an infectious basis that his life raises questions on what he has.

Personally, the latter is what I admire most, yes credentials, qualifications and experience in ministry will open doors within the Christian world, but in my humble opinion, a heart that is changed, sold out and on fire for Jesus will change many more lives than all of the things that we look for in a “life changed”.

It is not because I am closer to being one of the latter that I relate more to that person, I don’t have the credentials, I don’t have the college degree, letters after my name or have I ever really sought after them. No seminary experience and also very little ministry experience also. But living where I live, in an area where I see criminals at all hours of the day, that I see parties that explode into violence, having to have dealt with real life such as suicides, divorce, people going to jail that you have tried to witness to for Christ. That is front line ministry.

You see, we are called to a battle, a somewhat heavenly war. We have an enemy that will attempt to steal and seed that we have planted for the LORD. He will attempt to nobble either the teacher or the student, dependent on which one is weaker at a particular time. The enemy will try to find our Achilles heel and topple us.

Audacious faith

I read a book a while back called “Sun Stands Still” and it was about the battle in which Joshua faced and he had faith enough to ask God to make the Sun to stand still and God heard his petition and essentially pressed the pause button to allow Joshua to win the battle.

In that book, they used the term a lot called “audacious faith” and I believe that is what we are missing in our lives my friends. I know sometimes I don’t like to step outside my comfort zone and do things that I would rather not for the LORD. Sometimes I think we have to let go of what is holding us back and let the LORD do what he will in us. When I think of this I am always reminded of the wrestling match in Genesis where Jacob wrestled with the LORD all night.

I am with the writer that we have to have “audacious faith” but what does that mean? I believe that we have to evaluate and sometimes re-evaluate what we are doing and what we spend our time on. Fathers are not exempt, yes your task in fatherhood may limit your time, may pull you in other directions, but there is still work to be done by you.

That is not to say you neglect your primary mission field which is of course the home, but we can get too involved and preclude ourselves from blessings that the LORD wants to do in our lives by not recognizing the open doors that the LORD is putting n front of you. Being honest here, I am speaking with myself in mind first. My mission field is my workplace, my neighbours and whomever God puts in front of me. It is hard because I do not live, work or go to church in the same city. So anyone I do reach for Christ I am relying on others to follow up for me.

Like most of my blogs, I am speaking to myself first and foremost, I put it into a blog not because I think that people should listen to me or that I have something unique or profound to bring that will be life changing. I write because it is my prayer that whatever I am going through or the words that God has given me will minister to someone at some point.

Why the title?

I chose the title of the blog because that this morning this was a song that was on the radio on my way to work. God truly gave that song because i have been evaluating/re-evaluating where I am doing things well and where I am messing up! (My mess up list is too high for my liking) If you want to know where a man messes up, ask his wife or kids!

I want to be more missional, I want my life to be simpler, I want to always be on mission, always on point. The best father and leader of my home I can be and be able to be used in whether God has in store for me, I am a frustrated teacher, I want to teach the word of God but I have no one to listen to me yet. Who knows what the LORD will bring but my desire is to be ready.

Missional/Simple Christianity

I come from a missions church, our sound system was a laptop with the “Audacity” program, a lapel mic and a proper mic for the worship sets. The equipment was not as important as the culture that was cultivated. It was a real family that could be real with one another. We held each other up in our struggles and were always there for one another.

It was simpler because it was more focused on cultivating relationships through love, once the sinner is repentant then comes the discipleship. It’s a growth relationship where both parties are growing together as well as growing in God. I have seen many lives changed this way.


This is meant to be encouraging, it really is! I want to look at areas where I need to “pull out the weeds” and areas where I need to “plant for the harvest”. Everyone’s life is different and we will all have unique challenges and trials, some of us will have multiple kids, some will have money trials and have to work 2 jobs to keep afloat, whatever your situation I am just asking you to do as it states in Colossians 3:23, that we do everything unto the LORD and do it heartily, with the right heart and do it unto the LORD and not unto men!

Do you weep?

I went to church on Sunday and the Pastor asked a real poignant question “When was the last time you wept for the lost?”, cared so much that there are people going to hell on a daily basis and not having Jesus as their messiah. We can’t save everyone but we have to be open to be used by the LORD.

Self application

My problem is that I am too self-focused and too insular. Do you recognize what is standing in your way? Maybe you are perfect and are a one man movement of Pentecost, I wish I was, not for me but because I want to see people’s lives changed, starting with mine!

Thank you for reading, I pray this was a challenge, a blessing and please if you have any questions, comments or feedback then please do so below as the LORD leads.