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On Mother’s day spare spare a thought for the childless mothers


On Mother’s day spare spare a thought for the childless mothers

DISCLAIMER:- This blog contains details pertaining to infertility, if you are sensitive to such subjects then please proceed with caution. My intent is to help and not cause hurt. Thank you for reading.

First of all I wish to say as a man who by God’s grace has been allowed to be a father – Happy Mothers Day!

Psalms 113:9 (ESV) He gives the barren woman a home, making her the joyous mother of children. Praise the LORD

God’s Provision

Those of you who know my wife and I will know that this verse is a very special verse in our testimony of God’s provision in our life. 

In my wife’s own words

The link (Keeper Ministries) I quote from will tell you in my wife’s own words why this verse is important to us so please understand that my intent is not to hog the limelight or give a “look at me” account, I write as someone who has half an idea of what I am talking about in this area.

The area I speak of is that of infertility, I  reminded in a daily basis due to the job I do that people just can’t get pregnant for whatever reason. I believe that God is the opener and closer of wombs and regardless of what science tells us people get pregnant when there is no scientific hope.

I get where you are coming from

I always feel for these people as I know the hours I put in praying for always the same thing. Lord please just give me a child and in God’s time we did have one. (You see the evidence in the picture above) My message is one of hope and encouragement as I have been there. People mean well but if you have been in this situation you will know and perhaps have fielded questions like this…

…Things you don’t say to folks who may not have disclosed issues in this area

1) why don’t you have more kids?
2) do you guys not want a family?
3) is there a reason you only have one child?
4) _____ (child’s name) is great but shouldn’t she have a brother by now?
5) (playfully) your wife not pregnant yet?

Improved prayer life

Everyone has different situations and you may be suffering from infertility and you don’t have that constant reminder that others are having kids. You may have that inner hurt that you feel that you are missing out, you may be in the situation that my wife and I are in where we have a child and are not pregnant with the second one. (Called secondary infertility) Let me say that is as hard as the first and It sure improves your prayer life.

Please spare spare thought for these ladies who may not celebrate mother’s day but certainly want to. Be in prayer for their needs and pray for their comfort. If you are the husband don’t say “Am I not better to you than 10 children?”

The Lord blessed us with three years of just us and a country move prior to answering our prayers and granting us our “Princess” who truly is the jewel in our crown, but I still remember the pain and longing for what I believed that God had witheld from me. It truly was a test of my faith.

The man goes through it too

I write this because the man goes through infertility just ashes hard as the lady does and I love my wife and always wish to honor, love and cherish her. My hope is that our testimony will help strengthen you the readers where you are.

If you are that person or know that person, love on them today, bear their burdens, seek help, be in prayer, get in contact especially the men, I have always thought there is a gap in ministry for those men who go through infertility and counseling and help for them.

If this is not you then please pass this on to someone that may benefit,  if you wish to talk more then use the contact details on the contact page.

Thank you for reading this article and I pray these words are a blessing to you and please share, like or comment below as the LORD leads you to.

Not your average Mother’s Day blog!


1 Peter 3:1 (ESV) Likewise, wives, be subject to your own husbands, so that even if some do not obey the word, they may be won without a word by the conduct of their wives, 2 when they see your respectful and pure conduct.

This is the story all about how…(why do I have the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme in my head?) a woman I would later call my wife showed me a change of path that would change my life when she introduced me to my saviour.

Yes this is Mothers Day and yes most if our messages today will be messages of love about their mothers and how they were wonderful, I have them too, but I would rather give you what the LORD has put on my heart.

I went to a church that I normally do not attend today with my wife, my daughter, my parents and my wife’s mother (Radiant Visalia) and this was the text that was spoken, I felt God speaking to me and thought I would share what was laid on my heart.

Is this not “Missionary Dating?”

This article is not one in support of “missionary dating”! What this means for those of you who are unsure is dating a non-believer in order to convert them, this usually does not work and will usually lead to the believer leaving the faith or the relationship will die, not always a good thing!

My wife (now) and I were, (to quote Phil Collins) Against all odds as I truly was not walking with Christ when we first met! However the promises in the Bible are true and do work! I am living testimony to that!

“…so that even if some do not obey the word, they may be won without a word by the conduct of their wives…(v1b)”

Won without a word! (And anyone who has ever met me will know I am a storyteller) That was me! When you are sold out for Jesus and infectious, people ask questions, my lady served me, she showed me grace, she won me without nagging, she lead by example, that a what I mean by saying it works! I have personal testimony!

When I met my wife I was a drunken loser who lived his life in a ever decreasing circle of self fulfilment that was leading to my demise! She saw more for me than that and I am grateful for her! I would not be who I am today without her love!

What does this have to do with Mothers Day?

Well almost five years ago, my wee princess was born! She truly was the icing on the top of our family cake. My wife lights up when she can just “be mommy” it is truly a God given calling.

We are also going through “Foster/Adoption” with our local county so I pray that we get through it and as our family gets bigger, then we grow together in love and in the LORD.

I pray this blesses all you mothers as it is not a normal Mothers Day blog.

God bless and TGBTG