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Happy Rosh Hashanah 5775


Here is an article to celebrate the Hebrew/Jewish New Year.

New year/new beginnings

On this Rosh Hashanah I would like to exhort you in a closer relationship with Jesus, whatever that looks like in your personal relationship with Jesus. To the Non-Christian I urge you to investigate my Messiah Jesus Christ and invite him into a day to day relationship, to the Christian I urge you to have a deeper relationship with him.

Rosh Hashanah is traditionally celebrated at the beginning of the Jewish month Nisan,  scripture tells us that in the books of Exodus and Numbers in the Law of Moses how to celebrate this festival.

Shofer so good

The shofar is blown 100 times during Rosh Hashanah. 

Teki’ah (long sound) Numbers 10:3;Shevarim (3 broken sounds) Numbers 10:5;Teru’ah (9 short sounds) Numbers 10:9;Teki’ah Gedolah (very long sound) Exodus 19:16,19;Shevarim Teru’ah (3 broken sounds followed by 9 short sounds).

Why do I care about the Jewish New Year as a Christian?

I care because Jesus cares! Jesus himself wept over Jerusalem! The Jewish messiah came to save not just the Jews but the Gentiles also.

I have a great love for the Jewish people and also for the people of Israel and my desire is that they repent of their sins and follow their true messiah, who is of course Jesus Christ.

Many Christians are Pro-Israel and claim they love Israel, they even put their hands in their pockets and financially help Jewish charities. But they stop short of talking about the messiah for fear of offense.

I could never hate a Jewish person so much to not tell them about the way to heaven. Being Jewish you will know the prophecies, please check them out and compare it to Jesus’ life.

My hope

My hope is that this article will be a reminder to start anew with Jesus, regardless of how far you have strayed, our God is a God of grace. 

God bless you and I pray that this blesses you, please forward to your Jewish friends as I wish them Happy New Year