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Dog – gone it! We are a family of 5 again!


Dog – gone it! We are a family of 5 again!

I don’t normally do personal posts but this one was needed (please indulge me for a few moments please)

I was hoping to do the family of five headline when we were done with our adoption deal. That has not happened as quickly as we were both hoping.

But as the headline states,  we are a family of 5 again. Those of you who know me know I am allergic to animals however I do love them and would never want to see them harmed, you will also know of my two Labradors called Woody and Buzz.  (It is what happens when you let your kids name the pets)

Well Woody (normally the chilled out one) took an air snap at a child he didn’t know,  we did not know if it would be an isolated incident,  but when we are adopting we have to have pets that are 100% good with kids,  so we rehomed Woody. Then we got reduced down to four.

Buzz misses the company so we decided to get a new dog who we can train to be good with kids and yesterday we got “Anya” (notice a theme with cartoon characters) again named by the princess.

So far Buzz has sniffed her a lot,  noticed she is “different” but we do wanna make sure both animals are safe. We have entered a new chapter in our family journey taking on this wee adventure.

We need prayer,  that the dogs will settle in together,  that we finish our adoption deal and that this adventure be educational.

As I type this,  I am looking over her in a crate asleep, she is a light sleeper and the slightest thing wakes her up. I feel like a nesting bird. 

Here is how you can help

Does anyone have any tips for bringing a new puppy into a home where there is another dog?  I would love to hear them below? 

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