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14 – Hebrews



Thank you for clicking on our page for the epistle which is called Hebrews, this letter is (as the name suggests) written to the Hebrew Christians. The Jewish Christians in which this was written to will have had the foreknowledge of the Old Covenant and would be well aware of God’s standard for their lives under the Law, but this letter deals with issues they would have had with the New Covenant in Jesus Christ.

This is a series in the epistles and for other bible studies on other epistles please see our main epistle page.

This letter addresses in the main the confusion New believers would have had regarding the New Covenant and whilst it was principally written for a Hebrew audience, it is a valuable resource for us today. This book builds a bridge between the Jewish Tanukh and the New Testament and shows how Christianity builds on the Jewish traditions and Jesus is the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of the world.

The book also addresses the dangers of adapting your Christianity to adapt to the culture around you. In this example Christians when they were being persecuted they may return to Judaism and there was an effort to Judaize the Christian churches. But as we read, we should not adapt to the culture around us and corrects these errors.

We have the same issue today with people (and sometimes entire church movements) losing or perverting the message of the gospel in order to make it “sell better” or make it more palatable for a wider audience. That is great they are reaching people but the purpose is to change lives, not just reach people.

This book was inspired by the Holy Spirit and whilst the human author is not given, I believe it to be the Apostle Paul and his style would have been slightly different to his general epistles as he was writing to a different audience, we know the book was authored before the fall of Jerusalem in 70AD so it was within a short timeframe after Christ’s death.

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TTE Advent Calendar Day Seven – December 7th – Hebrews 7:11-14 – December 7th 2014

When the writers of the bible separated the books into chapters and verses to help indexing and finding verses, this book was split into 13 chapters, in many cases new chapters do not contain new thoughts and you will see bible studies cross over chapter lines.

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